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Enid is surely the most backwards, boring place ever for supposedly the urban center for a large portion of the entire state. I hunted around town today for random shops; of which there were a few diamonds, but mostly rough, and none the sort to keep one's interest. The local Magic store was replaced by an ATV repair center, two bookstores downtown were replaced by a Bail Bond center and a coffee shop open only 'til 3 PM on weekdays, and the garden shops here sell neither cactuars or bonsai. Seriously, no cactuars! There are no adult sport leagues excepting golf and softball, even on base, the only fencing is next to plumbing & concrete and there is flannel & overalls everywhere!
I now have a small, non blooming, but still ~nice looking plant of some sort. It's name is Aubrey II, with a B. To be sure it's not exactly what I wanted, but I don't think it'll be too much trouble. I mean, what's the worst a plant could ever do, right?

So this was a slightly depressing day as the most interesting things I can do in Enid are generally on my own. I'd prefer not to go out in town for this, but there are a few martial arts centers in the downtown district. ('Downtown' generally being defined as the existence of stoplights.)

I start on May 15th, which really is forever from now. Anyway, on to looking for the gym on base.
I'm starting to fall back into the terrible trap of synthetic reeds; they're so much less effort than cane, but the withdrawal symptoms are terrible when you come down off of them. That, and the sound is just so incredibly bright.
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