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Oct. 22nd, 2008 @ 11:59 pm Being A Productive Member of Society, Act II
Current Location: REAL 'MERICA, or bumfuck
Current Music: No Second Troy - The Gardens After Lockout
I've started tutoring at Eisenhower Elementary again. This season I'm taking the 5th grade problem children rather than the Pre-Kindergarten ones. I don't have to create lesson plans, but I do get to run away from the squadron, which as I'm, obviously, not flying, is all Good Things. There's plenty of work to do, but none of it is personally edifying, and therefore clearly useless. Today I organized a posse of kids to make our spaces clean & pretty for a 4-Star that will be visiting soon; ie, polishing turds. Necessary, and we did it well, but it's all nonsense/busy-work. I mostly have a paid vacation, don't like it and find other work pro bono to keep myself happy, meanwhile. Tomorrow I'm scheduled in the RSU for the entire morning, ensuring none of the resident hooligans in the pattern break into each other or land gear up, then head out to tutor childrens. (Here in Real America all y'all city slickers can see our 'merican small-town values at work...)

This is now my desktop background. Originally I meant it only for Trafalgar Day but I do like it the painting. Nelson oddly has one more right arm than he really should, but I forgive the artist that slight flaw. The same UK art site has billions of bytes of other high quality nautical art and I might be giving them rather more money than I should in the near future... XD I have no problem with spending money or having nice prints to hang, but if I start getting too serious about what I hang on my walls I'll have to go to Kinkos & balance out the somber nature of WWII propaganda & Napoleonic mayhem with a properly (mis)applied Lolcat.

This weekend I drove down to OKC, oasis of civilization that it is, with Mike & Andrew for shenanigans and errands. Andrew needed some work done on his BMW-800, I stole a few glances at some very pretty & very expensive Ducatis... No one needs a bike like that, but they have a very attractive elegance. Mike wanted to find an assault rifle, AR-15ish, for some...reason?? (In case the Redcoats invade again?) We dutifully followed directions to a sketchy sounding dealer in a sketchy part of town surrounded by sketchy looking barbed wire and bombed out buildings and quickly GTFO. Go team. My chores? I was just glad to get out of Enid.
We do have a new live music venue close by, within biking distance, even! However, it caters to nothing but...HIP HOP. EXCELLENT, NOTE MY BURNING ENTHUSIASM.

I'd ramble about personal musical escapes, but it's late and the insomnia gremlins are starting to go home and all I play are clarinet specific technical etudes, anyway. Too much effort is spent just fighting the key system and reed before you can even start being musical and I've lost some ability to perform those basics, without thinking, perfectly these past few months.

I have a new favorite quote, having nothing to do with current politics and being rather universal:

"I have not ceased to regret the war, nor shall I cease to censure your invincible general until I see the war concluded on some tolerable terms; nor will any thing except a new peace put a period to my regret for the loss of the old one."

Simple words but complex thinking: do not let the means become ends of themselves. I do believe it, which is one of the reasons I don't like Enid. For me, that swap is unavoidable and the means _have_ become ends. I polish turds for a living instead of doing something useful like...tutoring 5th graders? Oh, hmm. Well, I am doing that after all, spiffy.
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